Our Services

ATSC provides its services mainly in Libya, we cooperate with other firms to extend our services in nighbor countries and in many ME and Africa countries.
services provided for equipment homologation and compliance are:

- Consulting and support in concern of Libyan spectrum allocations for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, CDMA and LTE radio technologies, even for other technologies requiring approvals as any send/recieve functional devices

- Issuance of new, updates, and renewal of Type Approval Certificates from Libyan spectrum regulator, and from many African and Middle East countries communications regulators

- Support after approval issuance, this includes the support of  importers and follow up of any problems encountered by the import of the certified devices

-   Help manufacturers agents and distributers by custom issues and complications concerning (RF and send/receive) functioning equipment

-   We can provide great communications channel with the specialists and managers in the Libyan

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