General Communications Authority

About the General Communications Authority


The General Communications Authority is concerned with communications and information technology affairs and is the highest authority responsible for the telecommunications sector in Libya. Its headquarters is located in the city of Tripoli (the headquarters of the General Company for Post and Telecommunications).


Authority's functions and responsibilities

the authority has many functions, tasks and responsibilities in several communications sector, but next are the main topics related to RF compliance and type approval subjects:

  • Suggesting draft laws and regulations related to the telecommunications, informatics and postal sectors
  • Implementation of legislation related to the sector
  • Develop national plans and monitor their implementation
  • Setting the national plan for the frequency spectrum and managing and allocating the use of frequencies
  • Organizing the connection between telecommunication networks based on the provision of services
  • Suggesting the rules governing the granting of licenses
  • Determining the minimum quality and level of service provision
  • Setting technical and standard specifications for communication and information systems for all state institutions
  • Representing the Libyan state in international organizations in the field of communications and informatics, in coordination with the relevant authorities
  • Promote competition in the provision of services and prevent non-competitive behavior
  • Take all legal measures against violations committed in this field

What is mandatory to approve?

- Any instrument operating with RF frequency like (WLAN, Wi-Fi, BT,
  UHF … etc.)
- Any instrument with send/receive function incl. (two way satellite
  systems, internet appliances and routers … etc.)

Requirements of a type approval certificate

To submit a request for a type approval certificate, following is required:
1. Technical specifications files (TCF documentation)
2. Declaration of conformity (DoC) for the instrument from the manufacturer
3. Test reports (EMC) - (Safety) - (SAR for mobile phones), EN and RED are
    accepted, but for rare cases is FCC accepted
4. Filling the application form and a type approval certificate draft

1. Almada RF Compliance undertakes all procedures and processes until
    certificate delivery to manufacturers, agents or consultants
2. Almada RF Compliance undertakes all fees and payments including regulator fees, transfer,
    banking, submitting and collection of certificates at Authority facility

    for more and detailed terms and requirements please contact us via contact form or send
    us an email  (Contact us)

Type Approval Requirements

Libyan Spectrum

The Libyan spectrum allocation plan is a project under the management and control of the Authority of Communications and Informatics (

The CIM specialized team undertakes the Libyan spectrum allocation plan under continues update and development to achieve the best and accurate compliance between the Libyan spectrum requirements and international standards and technologies.

In General, the Libyan spectrum allocation plan is similar to the European spectrum allocations, Except for some differences that represent some peculiarity of Libyan assignments

When applying for type approval, the the Authority of Communications and Informatics studies and examines the technical documents and test reports according to European standards, whether these reports are issued according to EN standards or the updated RED standards.
Reports issued under US FCC standards are usually not accepted, but sometimes the authority makes an exception for some applications to accept them

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Libyan Spectrum Standard
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